There is a misunderstanding that the print industry is a dying one when in reality it is still a prevalent factor in the economy worldwide.

At Wickliffe, we are constantly embracing the rise of new technology and the ever changing needs of a millennial customer. We were the first in New Zealand to operate a forms press and were also the first in the country to run everything from computerized design and typesetting equipment to an online ordering system.

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Part of being in the printing industry is there is a misconception of a harmful impact on the environment. At Wickliffe we believe in empowering you to make informed decisions using the right print processes that will reduce any damaging impact on the environment we share.

Using vegetable based inks in our printing reduces the use of volatile organic compounds, ozone-depleting substances and heavy metals that naturally occur through traditional manufacturing and use.

The waste paper received from production can also be seen as detrimental. Instead of just destroying it, we segregate it by grade and then it is recycled for reuse in packaging and various other products. We can do this around 3-4 times before it has to be disposed as the breakdown reduces the strength of the paper.

Another way that Wickliffe reduces the amount of wastage in paper is through the introduction of our Print-On-Demand feature. This is a make ready digital feature in which you only print when you need to and the amount you need. This greatly reduces wastage and is a more efficient print cycle for short runs.