Supporting the wider community is one of the central values within our company. We believe that as a corporate we should not only work with customers and suppliers but also the wider public.

At Wickliffe we sponsor different companies throughout New Zealand by offering our printing services free of charge. We believe these companies embody our values as well as the New Zealand Spirit.

Rhema Media is a New Zealand Christian company that uses media to connect kiwis to Christ. The values that Rhema represents is closely aligned to Wickliffe’s ethics. They embody a sense of unity and visionary thinking which here at Wickliffe we admire and respect.

The Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust has been the difference between life and death for many New Zealanders nationwide. Their fast thinking, generous spirit and willingness to care is why Wickliffe has been sponsoring them since 2013.

Rugby has always been an essential element of the Kiwi culture so Wickliffe is happy to support a Union that spans over 100 years. CRFU does not only embody Kiwiana but also is very successful in what they do winning 5 titles in a row showing a sense of determination and accomplishment.