The Print Industry: Looking Forward

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Within the new generation the internet has become the driving force of communication and media, this has resulted in consumers saying that the print industry is dead. However results of this have proven to be the opposite. Over the past year commercial printing shipments have been worth over $7 billion each month internationally. This is the longest period of sustained …

Christmas at Wickliffe

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At Wickliffe, we have a Christmas tradition every year, where we join together in each region and have lunch leaving behind the problems of everyday work. Most commonly we have a barbeque, but this year we thought we would do something different. This year, at the Auckland office, we enjoyed a buffet lunch at the Waipuna Hotel. The whole restaurant came alive …


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Hello and welcome to the new Wickliffe NZ Ltd blog. We have had a lot of changes in these past few months within the technological department; through the introduction of our new website, we thought we should create a blog and showcase all things Wickliffe. If you didn’t already know, we have been around for more than 60 years and …